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Refinishing is the economical way to revitalize your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Replacement involves not only new fixtures but also replacing the wall tile, wallboard, tile floor and sub floor plus pipes and hardware, which are damaged during the removal of the tub. Very time consuming and expensive!

The BATHTUB MAN professionals are experts at refinishing bathtubs and we can do it right where you're located! Rusted, chipped or cracked tubs and sinks can be repaired. Colors can be changed and fiberglass tubs can be repaired. The tub can be encapsulated to prevent lead contamination or we can perform a simple test for the presence of lead and your tub can be put to use in just 24 hours after the work is done!

Using the BATHTUB MAN process with your overall remodeling plan will realize spectacular savings, often as much as 90% over the cost of replacement! Old can be new again thanks to the BATHTUB MAN!

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Refinishing bathtubs
  • Refinishing ceramic wall tile
  • Repairing damaged bathtubs, e.g., rust, chips, scratches
  • Repair and refinishing of antique bathroom fixtures
  • Lead testing